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We are passionate about the law and our clients and we love what we do.

We know that too many good lawyers are bogged down with a huge workload and not much to show for it. A traditional law firm expects any lawyer to bill more than 3 times their salary.

In 2008 I founded SRS. From the outset I kept the overheads comparatively low which meant I was able to build the business with good people, most of whom did not want the stress and pressure of a full time job.

  • We want lawyers who are 15 years plus pqe to join us if they are looking for a perfect work life balance. The support structures are all in place, freeing up much more time for pursuing work and focusing on the outcome and success.
  • Not all of our clients will fit a large firm. We offer the flexibility to let you manage your clients and charge what you think is appropriate. We recognise each case is different and some clients simply cannot afford to follow a lawyer if they move to a traditional firm.
  • We want our clients to stay with us even as we gain more experience and that might well mean keeping rates the same for many years. It is a long term relationship and large headline hourly rates can understandably make clients go elsewhere.
  • The competition has never been greater so it is important to make a difference.
  • That flexibility combined with less time spent on admin and office politics means lawyers can effectively build their own practice at their speed with clients of their choice.
  • Improved IT means it is easy to meet clients where convenient for them, and lawyers are not expected or forced to come into the office every day.
  • To start up a firm is, for most lawyers, too risky, and too daunting; not to mention too costly. We have done all the hard work and want simply to build our team of caliber experts.

Why take home 30% of your billing when you could take home 70%?

If you have been thinking about a change of direction then call me in confidence on 07887 526799.