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Sallianne founded SRS in 2008. We are a focused practice offering advice on commercial litigation, family, employment and corporate issues.

SRS acts for high profile clients in all areas, including family law matters.

Sallianne has over 14 years experience of commercial litigation experience, successfully resolving a wide range of disputes for clients at all stages of the legal process, at mediation all the way through to the Court of Appeal.

Sallianne has worked on high profile cases on internet defamation and deals with postings on blogs and social networking media such as Facebook or Twitter that involve libel, slander and harrassment. Sallianne has gained considerable results for clients obtaining injunctions against third parties and Norwich Pharmacal Orders, removal of the material online by getting the social networking page or blog taken down.

Reported cases include (Patel v Unite [2002] EWHC 92 (QB), [2012] ALL ER (D) 155 (JAN)).

Sallianne is a regular contributing author on the panel of Dispute Resolution Experts at Lexis Nexis.

Sallianne is also a contributor to Carol Vorderman and Lorraine Kelly's 'AT HOME' magazine and is starting a regular feature as a family law expert, on a "How To' section of their website.

If you have any dispute or potential dispute with a commercial issue then please contact:

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