Welcome to London Litigation Solicitors

Southampton Row Solicitors is a dynamic firm that provides tailored services to individuals and businesses in London, Surrey, Berkshire and the Home Counties. Our firm is based in the heart of Holborn, just minutes from the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand and the Principal Registry of the Family Division.

Solicitors Handling Employment Law and Other Legal Issues

We provide a range of services to clients:
  • Services for individuals including employment law, divorce, family law, slander, libel and more
  • Services for businesses including corporate law, employment law, contracts, disputes, defamation issues and more
Our solicitors have more than 10 years of experience each. This means every individual and business we serve receives expert representation they can feel confident in. We are a skilled, entrepreneurial and respected law firm in the community that solves a wide range of problems for individuals and businesses.

Lawyers With Integrity

Our law firm is committed to providing the highest level of integrity. At the outset, we give clients the full range of options available and the likely outcome, time frame and cost of each. Our billing system is clear and detailed, so our clients understand exactly what they are being charged for.
What we do
  • We respond faster than anyone
  • We say it how it is
  • We think size does matter – you will never be just a number at Southampton Row Solicitors
  • We stay years ahead with our business model and working practices
  • We get what we want by getting you what you want
  • Take the first step now; you will never win if you do not begin.
Client Care
SRS wants to add value. If we do not think we can help or offer a good solution that's right for our client, we will say so straight away. We care about our clients and the legal problems they face, in both their personal and business lives.